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Guide to iSniper 3D for iPhone: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

ISniper 3D is a new sniper game for the iPhone and iPod touch that fans of games such as Silent Scope will enjoy. In iSniper 3D you play as a military sniper who is fighting back against a domestic terrorist organization called HEAVEN, led by the infamous and evil General Williams. You and your whole squad of riflement are tasked with getting rid of this entire insurgent army by yourselves. It can be tough, but with the following tips and tricks it can be a whole lot less tough. Read on for tips and tricks for iSniper 3D!

When time is pressing, especially in the higher difficulty levels where you don’t have very much time to take out all of your adversaries, don’t bother aiming for that perfect head shot every single time. Often it can be much quicker to rip off a couple of good body shots, especially when you are trying to shoot some guy who is running from side to side incessantly.

See those squirrels that seem to be running around every single stage of the game? If you are low on hit points, and you shoot one of those squirrels, then you will recover some of your lost hit points, so look for squirrels especially when you have taken a lot of damage.

When you are trying to go after a guy on a motorcycle, or a guy on a humvee (or an ACV as the game calls it), then shoot smack in the middle of one of the wheels. It doesn’t matter if your initial shots hit there or not but if your last shots hit there, you can gain 10 seconds at a time for shooting and blowing them up.

If you fail the mission where you have one bullet and your goal is to kill General Williams, instead of hitting continue, hit the main menu button to go back to the main menu, and then go back to story mode and hit ‘continue’ and you will be able to do the mission over again.