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Hanger (iOS/Android) Tips and Tricks Guide: Cheats, Hints and Strategies

Hanger is a new auto-swinging game for the iOS and Android, a throwback of sorts to the Newgrounds browser flash games of the early 2000s. This game is an endless-swinger, sort of like an endless runner, except that you swing on ropes like Spiderman swings with webs. You have level modes, where your goal is to get as many stars as possible, and endless modes, where your goal is simply to get as far as possible and to beat your friends. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hanger!

In each of the level stages, you can get up to three stars per stage. The stars are based on your score. Your score is negatively affected by the number of ropes that you use, and the number of body parts that you lose, and it increases based on the amount of diamonds that you collect.

If you are having trouble just beating a stage, slow it down and don’t hold on the forward button the entire time. Slowing it down will allow you more time to avoid obstacles, which will stop you from losing body parts. If you use a ton of ropes your score will go lower, but you can make it up with collected diamonds.

Then, once you improve at various stages, then you can go back and finish them more quickly, spending more time flying through the air between using ropes. If you have any solid ground or moving objects (such as balls and platforms), you can slide on them for as long as you want, until you risk falling off, in order to avoid shooting out a rope.

The slowdown tactic works in the endless mode as well, but you have to keep it just fast enough not to get killed by whatever obstacle is behind you, such as the big monster in the Monster stage.

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A good moderate way to do the slowdown tactic is to tap on the forward button over and over, rapidly, while you are going from rope to rope. This makes it easier to control howw high you go so that you don’t end up hitting a ceiling the next time that you shoot a rope.