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Infection Bio War (Infection!): Top 10 Tips, Tricks, and Cheats

Infection Bio War, previously known only as “Infection!”, is one of the top games on the App Store. It’s one of the first free versions of the underserved but popular genre that Pandemic and Plague Inc are a part of known as “kill everybody with a lethal disease”. It’s a puzzle type of game and it can get very tough at times, but with the following tips and tricks, you will be able to beat the game quite easily.

10) Don’t buy the Resistances upgrades right away.
These upgrades sound good, and they are good, but they are also completely worthless until some country or another starts working on a cure to the disease. Don’t buy them right away. Instead, save them for after you’ve started purchasing symptoms and people start dying from your disease.

9) Unlock new evolutions as fast as possible by unlocking them on easy mode.
You can play in easy, normal, and hard mode in this game, and you have to meet a number of different requirements in order to unlock new evolutions. All of them except two (Cyst level 2 and cyst level 3) can be unlocked on easy mode, so play on easy until you unlock everything.

8) Keep an eye on the news that pops up.
Not the news tickers, as these are nearly worthless. Instead, wait for the news popups, such as ones that talk about the weather, new shipping routes, increased immigration, etc. These provide valuable insight into what transmission purchases will be the most worth it.

7) Complete the game in the fewest days possible by playing on normal speed in order to save up DNA.
You’ll earn DNA faster in real time if you put it in double speed, but if you leave the game in normal speed, you will earn more DNA per actual day that passes in the game, so if you are going for one of the goals that requires you to finish the game in a certain number of days, then keep the game in single speed.

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6) Pay attention to a couple of simple factors in order to get the highest score possible.
These factors include how quickly (in-game days) that you kill everyone off, as well as how low the cure percentage is by the time that you win. The lower the cure percentage and the more quickly that you kill everyone, the better your score will be.

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