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Iron Man 3 (iOS/Android) FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide, Part 2

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Speaking of the special attack that was mentioned in part 1 of the guide, you won’t have it available at first, but you will have it available when you beat the first boss, the Crimson Dynamo. Once you earn it, you will be able to use it intermittently. After you use it, it will have to recharge again, which can be done by simply flying forward and killing enemies.

Before you go on a mission, a screen will pop up that will ask you if you want to upgrade various power ups (three at a time). When you upgrade them, their various effects will last longer, but only for that particular round. The next round that you play, they will go back to normal.

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Each time that you go on a run, you’ll have three missions that you need to complete. With each mission that you complete, you unlock another facet of the storyline, and you earn a bonus of 250 Stark Credits at the end of the round. Each time that you complete one mission, another one will pop up. For example, if you manage to do all three missions in one round, three new ones will pop up for you to complete.

There are longer term missions as well, which are tougher to complete, and they’re called trophies. They’re under the Trophies menu that pops up in between rounds, and each time that you complete a trophy mission, you will earn free ISO-8 (which is the premium currency of the game). Completing the trophy missions will help you to build up the ISO-8 fairly quickly.

There’s also one daily mission per day that you can complete, for even bigger rewards. This daily mission will refresh every 24 hours, and when you go to the missions menu, there will be a counter that shows when the next daily mission will be available to you.

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