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Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign – Top 10 Tips, Tricks and Cheats, Part 2

Welcome to the top five tips for Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign! Click here to go back to the first part of the top 10 tips and tricks for the game.

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5) If you run out of free heals, set the time ahead on your phone to get them back.
Yep, the same trick that helps you heal wounded heroes will help you get your heals back, too. Set the time ahead by one hour per heal. Use this if your heroes keep getting killed in battle in order to keep from having to stop playing for hours at a time.

4) Fill up your hero covers catalog as quickly as possible.
Fill up the catalog with heroes, even if you end up with duplicate heroes at times. This gives you heroes to use as a backup plan whenever you run out of heals and your primary heroes are wounded. You’ll have to fight easier battles with this trategy, though, unless you train all of your heroes an equal amount or unless, for some reason, your backup heroes are your stronger ones.

3) Rack up Iso-8 and Hero Points in the versus mode battles by winning the first time that you play someone.
You get three turns per opponent and if you beat them within these three turns, you win, but you get the best rewards and the biggest rank increases if you win within the first turn. This means that you will earn more Iso-8, and your rank up rewards will include such goodies as big Iso-8 boosts as well as Hero Points.

2) Use your Iso-8 to keep your heroes’ special powers trained to high levels.
Don’t just let the powers sit stagnant once you unlock them. Spend your Iso-8 to train the powers in order to make them stronger, which in turn will make battles much easier to fight. Simply rack up AP and then unleash the powers as often as possible for easy wins.

1) Knock out the countdown tiles by matching them.
In the midst of all of the various strategies that can be carried out in the game, the simplest one, and the one that people tend to forget, is to simply knock off every countdown tile that you see pop up on the board. Knock them off first and foremost, because they are enemy attack tiles, and the enemy won’t even be able to get any attacks in. That makes for very easy victories.