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Rapala Fishing: Daily Catch – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Rapala: Daily Catch is a new fishing game for the iOS and Android platforms presented by Rapala, one of the oldest makers of fishing lures. In this game you get to fish anywhere and any time that you want, because unlike most fishing games, this one doesn’t have an energy timer. You can fish for gold, for silver coins, and enroll in various angling challenges. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rapala Fishing: Daily Catch!

The first step to attracting the fish that you want is to cast the lure out to the hot spot. Wait to see where the fish are jumping, then aim the lure target there and cast it. Each lure has its own secret pattern. To figure out what it is, first, cast the lure and then let it fall into the water.

Then, start swiping in various directions. The first swipe will make a blue pulsing circle appear around the lure. The second and third correct swipes will make slightly larger blue circles appear, and the fourth one will make a huge one appear that covers the screen momentarily. Each lure will have its own, and you will have to experiment to discover which ones they are.

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Once a fish bites, you have to swipe up to set the hook in its mouth, and you have to be quick or else the fish escapes. If the fish doesn’t match your current challenge, though, then let it go intentionally and let another one bite. Try not to pull the lure back too quickly; do the secret swipes every once in awhile but not one after the other. The longer that the lure stays in the water, the better.

Any time that you see a video icon for free stuff, tap it and you will earn free silver coins once the video is done. If you somehow run out of lures and run out of coins, then this will be your best free bet in order to get more more coins so that you can get more lure. You can also get free gold by going to the in-app purchase store and tapping the free gold option. An offer wall will come up, many of the offers being completely free. Tap them in order to peruse them and choose your favorites.

At first you will only be able to fish in one area of Lake Minnetonka but as you gain experience levels, you will open up a lot more areas in which to fish. More areas of the various lakes will open first, then entirely new lakes will begin to open up around the USA.