Solitaire Cash: List of Promo Codes and How To Find More of Them

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Solitaire Cash is a popular new competitive solitaire game for the iOS and Android platforms where players can bet real money on themselves and win prizes by winning solitaire games.

You can play against other players for either gyms or cash, and tip play for cash, you have to make cash deposits into the game. Luckily, you can get free bonus cash by using promo codes. Promo codes are easy to enter in, and they have the potential to help you earn big rewards.

Read on for a guide to promo codes, how to get more of them, and where to go so that you can use them in Solitaire Cash!

To use a promo code, after you get through the tutorial, go to the button on the bottom bar that looks like a gift box. Once you do that, tap on the button that says “promo code“.

This will take you to the menu where you can and then enter a code. Either type the code in freehand, or copy and paste it from somewhere else. Confirm it, and then you will get your bonus cash.

So where do you find promo codes for games like this? Normally, you would start on the official social media channels for the game, such as Facebook. With this game, though, promo codes work a little bit differently.

Anyone who plays this game has their very own promo code. Defined your promo code, go to the “invite“ button and you will see your own individualized code.

You can’t use this code for yourself, though. Other players can use it, but you can’t. You have to use somebody else’s promo code in order to get the rewards.

At the very bottom of this article there’s a promo code that you can use for this game. Enter it, and you will get bonus cash. Love you once you do that, you can look elsewhere for promo codes.

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The best place to start looking for promo codes for this game is on the Facebook comments, or comments on any other official social media page for this game. Players are constantly trying to get other people to use their promo codes, so I take it vantage of this and look for them.

Go to one of the app stores that you can download this game from, go to the review page, and you’re bound to see plenty of players leaving reviews and putting their invite codes in the reviews. Copy the code and paste it into the promo code box to use it.

As follows, here’s a code that you can use in order to get bonus cash in Solitaire Cash:

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Use this, get your bonus cash, and then get really good at solitaire so that you can start beating other players at this game!

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