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Bubble Cash: List of Promo Codes and How To Find More of Them

Bubble Cash is a competitive bubble-shooting game for the iOS and Android platforms where you put up gems or cash to enter tournaments, compete against other players, and win real-life money as a reward.

You can play in many different types of competitions. You can play in one on one contests against other players for a relatively small amount of money; whoever wins the round wins the cash. You can also play in larger tournaments against larger numbers of players, where it’s more difficult to win, but the potential prize money is much greater.

You have to put real life money into the game in order to compete against other players in cash tournaments, but if you’re going to do that, you might as well earn a little bit of bonus cash in the process for free. Bonus cash can be earned by using a promo code, and can be spent in cash tournaments little are you to win more money.

Read on for a promo code guide, including how to find more of them and how to use them, in Bubble Cash!

To redeem promo codes, tap on the button that looks like a gift box in the bottom bar. Once you do that, tap on the promo code button and you will be able to enter a code or copy and paste it in. Once you do that, you will be able to earn your free cash rewards.

So how do you find a promo code? Normally, with games where you can enter redeem codes for prizes, the best place to work would be on the official social media channels for the game or for the developer. Facebook would be the obvious starting point, because the vast majority of games and developers will have a presence on Facebook before they will get on Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere else.

These other networks, however, tend to have more fan discussion about the game, so be sure to search them as well. Players will share promo codes there; if you have a code to share, then you can share yours as well.

The Subreddit about the game will have codes posted by players, and you can use any one of them that you want to. You can’t use your own code, but you can use anybody else’s code.

YouTube and Twitch are also great places to find Codes Auto share codes. Watch videos or streams about the game in order to get promo codes. If you are a streamer or a video content creator, then you can make videos with your own promo code as well.

The nature of promo codes is a little bit different in this game, though. Promo Codes and invite codes are the same thing, so you have your very own specific invite code. You can’t use your own code, but anybody else can use your code, and you can use anybody else’s code.

What you can do, however, is give it to another person who plays this game, or invite someone else to play this game, and when they use it as a promo code, you will earn free bonus cash, and so will day.

Conversely, you will have to use another player’s promo code as your code in order to earn bonus cash yourself. You will earn a bonus when you use it, and they want a bonus as well. OK

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At the bottom of this article is a promo code that you can use; you can enter it as your first promo code and get a bonus. Further promo codes from other players can be found on many sources. Comments on the Facebook page are a great source for codes.

In fact, comment sections on pretty much any page that is talking about this game are great sources for codes, because players well typically post their own codes wherever they can. Check the review section in various apps stores for this game, as well.

Here is a promo code that you can use in order to get bonus cash for Bubble Cash:


Be sure to collect all of the bonus cash that you can, and most importantly, get really good at mobile shooting so that you can win tournaments against other players and make a lot of cash!

Be sure to utilize the comment section of this article if you need to find more promo codes. Our readers will be posting their own codes in the comments; be sure to add your code as well!


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