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Star Stable Online: Redeem Code List and Guide

Star Stable Online is a new horse riding and management team for the iOS and Android platforms that has already been around for awhile on Windows and Mac computers. Your goal is to build a collection of horses and accessories and engage in different stories and missions with your horse.

Redeem codes are codes that allow you to earn free star coins, cosmetics, food for your horse, and other goodies. These codes are released by the developers and can be redeemed and exchanged for different gifts and prizes. You can use each code one time, but you can use as many different codes as you want.

Read on for a list of codes, how to find more, and how to use them in Star Stable Online!

To use these codes, First, log into the main website for the game using your browser. You have to have an account in order to play the game anyways. Once you do that, an option will immediately be available to redeem codes.

Go to that menu and type in your code, or copy and paste it, then confirm it. You will instantly receive your free rewards. You can do this for any code that you fine, as long as the code is current and working.

The best place to start looking is on Facebook, because that is where the game has the biggest social media presence. Look up and down the field and through the photos, searching far and wide for codes; this is the most likely place that you’re going to find them.

Don’t just look on Facebook, though, look on all of the official social media pages for the game. There’s always a chance that a code was released over there that was released and nowhere else, especially for the purposes of promoting the games specific social media account.

Be sure to check the Subreddit for this game, because it’s very active, and if players are going to go somewhere to look for codes first, or post codes first, it’s most likely going to be here. If you come across a universal code or want to give away your unique code, then be sure to post it here.

YouTube is probably the most likely place that a universal promo code will be released for a limited amount of time. Twitch is another good possibility. The reason for this is that the developer might give away a code through a streamer in order to use their popularity to market the game more effectively.

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As of right now, the following codes are available for Star Stable Online:




STARSHINEPLUSH (new players only)

STARSTABLEHONEY (new players only)

7DAYSBIRTHDAYFUN (new players only)

Be sure to keep checking back with us, because as we continue to find more codes, we will post them! If you have a working code that you don’t see posted here, then put it in the comment section below the article.


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