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Star Wars: Force Arena – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Star Wars: Force Arena is a new card-driven MOBA for the iOS and the Android platform, and has become the most popular mobile MOBA to date. Your goal is to fight in 1×1, 2×2, or team battles, Rebel Alliance vs the Empire, with cards spanning characters from all alignments, while collecting coins and crystals and working your way up the ranks against other players by winning and boosting your ratings. Read on for some tips and tricks for Star Wars: Force Arena!

Due to the sheer quantity of cards in this game, there is a nearly unlimited amount of ways that you can build your team, but balance is key in everything. Keep your average energy cost fairly low so that you can win the numbers game and flood the line with troops. You can either tap the troop to automatically place them where your leader is, or you can drag and drop them to control where you place them.

Airstrikes work the same way, except that you’re much better off tapping them instead of drag and dropping them, for the most part. If you tap on the card (X-Wing, TIE Fighter etc), the placement is automatically aimed at the nearest turret or the biggest target if you have no turrets on the screen.

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In addition to the card packs that you earn after winning each battle, you can collect play packs for playing 10 rounds, and then free packs, three every four hours or so. You’ll earn credits, crystals, and cards that you can either then add to one of your decks or, if they are duplicate cards, allow you to upgrade cards that are in one of your decks. Scan around all of your decks and upgrade everything to speed up the increase in player levels, as player level increases will power up your leaders.

Go through your decks so that you can see what all of your troops’ strengths and weaknesses are, that way you can better match them up against the opposing forces. A card with an advantage against another card will have boosted attack and defense against that card, with the exception of when the advantage or disadvantage is against an airstrike card. In the case of airstrike cards, only the defense against them will be boosted, since you can’t attack them.

At the top right end of the menu you have the settings, the mission menu and the inbox. Scroll through your inbox every so often, as often rewards show up from the developers, such as free cards or crystals. The mission area contains both standard and special missions. Special missions tend to provide better rewards than standard missions do, and every time that you complete the mission bar, you’ll earn a new rare card or even a new leader.