FIFA 15 Ultimate Team (iOS/Android) – Top 15 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategies, Page 3

5) Look to the underrated and underappreciated leagues for great deals. Stay away from the English Premier League if you want great players for low prices. Look for players from other leagues that EA has underappreciated, such as Bundesliga, or leagues that are not in Europe and/or are in countries that you might not expect. […Read More]

Guide to Bayou Blast for Facebook: Tips, tricks, cheats, and strategies

Bayou Blast is the latest in the ever growing line of Blast puzzle games for Facebook. Bayou Blast puts a new spin on the ‘connect three’ segment of games, in that unlike others, you have to use your mouse to trace a line that connects multiple jewels that are of the same color in order […Read More]

CastleVille Facebook Game Guide: Cheats, tips, tricks and strategies

First there was FarmVille, and then there was CityVille. Sure, there were many other Ville games that saw success in between these two, but nothing that Zynga has put out so far has managed the same level of success as these two have. Now comes Zynga’s newest Ville game, CastleVille, a game that has you […Read More]

Zombie Misfits Cheats, Tips and Strategies

Zombie Misfits is a new desktop defense game from Nexon, the makers of MapleStory Adventures. It’s a Facebook game that uses a side scrolling view similar to MapleStory, but with an entirely different type of gameplay similar to other tower defense games. Instead of setting up towers, you set up various defenders (I.E. Bikers or […Read More]

Guide to Mahjong Pirates for Facebook: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Facebook has a lot of mahjong games, and Facebook has a lot of pirate games, but until now, nobody has gone so far as to mix the two together. Mahjong Pirates is a fun game – much better than most of the others, because there’s none of that energy constraint, so you can play as […Read More]

Guide to Zombie Island for Facebook: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies; get Zombucks, brains, experience, and gold quickly

Zombie Island is the newest Zombie game on the Facebook market. It’s a game by 6waves Lolapps that puts you as a “zombie superintendent” of sorts, as you build a team of other zombies who do tasks such as smashing stones and cutting down trees, helping you to collect rocks and wood. There’s also a […Read More]

Guide to Spa Life for Facebook: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

The spa and salon simulator genre is a seemingly evergreen one on Facebook, as new games just keep on coming. One of the newest entries is Spa Life, which was designed by French beauty supply company Clarins, both to promote their product and to give Facebook gamers something new to play. It’s growing rapidly due […Read More]

Guide to Lucky Space for Facebook: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints, strategies

Lucky Space is a new outer space city-building game by A Bit Lucky. It’s very similar to – well, almost every citybuilder out there, except for a few twists. The first twist is the fact that you are building a space colony, not a city. Read on for more twists, tricks, tips, and cheats. There’s […Read More]

Guide to Serf Wars for Facebook: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Serf Wars is a fun new strategy and city building game for Facebook, where, like many others, you start with a tiny little kingdom, complete with a castle, and your mission is to grow it into a big, thriving kingdom with a large army of knights and a high population. Read on for tips and […Read More]

Guide to Fruit Ninja Frenzy for Facebook: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Fruit Ninja Frenzy is the Facebook debut for Fruit Ninja, and like the iPhone version of the game, this one is very simple and addicting. The basic goal of the game is simply to slice a bunch of fruit in half that fly up your screen. Each fruit that you slice in half (for the […Read More]