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Tetris Blitz Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Tetris Blitz is a new game in the Blitz series by Electronic Arts. It’s a very heavily modified and speed-driven variation of the original Tetris, where your goal is to make as many lines as you can in the two minutes of time that you are given. To do this you can chain combos together, use a large variety of power ups to enhance your gameplay, and simply race to create combos as quickly as possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tetris Blitz!

In most other Tetris games, your main goal is to stack pieces high, with no holes in the middle, wait for the I-block, and then use the I-block to make a “Tetris”, or a piece with four lines. In this game, however, it’s not as important and it won’t earn you as high of a score. The quickest way to earn a high score is to knock off one or two lines at a time, but to do it rapidly.

Knock off lines on consecutive pieces until you knock the game into “frenzy” mode, which will causes all of the pieces that you drop to break apart and make huge chains of combos. The frenzy pieces that will break other pieces apart with only one spot to fall down will be the ones with the T-bar in the middle. Otherwise, pieces only break apart when they have two spots to fall.

Don’t use power ups in every run that you do. In fact, to build up coins, play multiple runs without any power ups, trying to get the highest score and coin total that you can without spending any coins. Not only is this good practice, but you’ll then be able to afford more power ups at the same time, allowing to go for insanely high scores.

Save your power ups for two or three big high scoring runs at a time, especially if you connect this game to Facebook to try to compete for bragging rights. If you can take full advantage of the power ups by constantly clearing out every power up line that you get, then you can lift the score out of reach for your friends and other competitors.