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Try To Fly: Tips, Cheats, All Characters Unlocked, Unlimited Money

Try To Fly is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms by Boombit where you have to make your character fly as far as possible, into the next goal, so that you can make it to the next level. You can make money and upgrade your characters power, flight, and income. You also have a number of different characters and skins that you cannot unlock.

Read on for a list of tips, cheats, strategies, how to get unlimited money, and how to unlock every single character in Try To Fly!

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Making it to the next level doesn’t necessarily involve flying as far as possible. You have to fly into the checkered flag goal at a certain point near the end of the level; if you do that, then you will make it to the next level.

Upgrading your power will increase the speed at which your character flies. Upgrading their distance will allow them to fly farther. Upgrading your income bonus not only increases the amount of cash that you earn for the distance that they fly, but allows you to upgrade your off-line income as well.

There are video advertisement offers for almost everything in this game. You can watch a video to multiply your income after you play a round. If you cannot afford an upgrade, often you will be able to watch a video in order to get that next upgrade for free.

When the game was initially released, there was no given way to unlock new skins. Now, some of the skins can be unlocked by tapping the download button on one of the games that is attached to that particular character. With the other characters, you can watch an advertisement video in order to try that character for a limited time.

Occasionally, also, that character will remain unlocked permanently after the given tryout time runs out. So do you have the best chance at unlocking that character, just watch the advertisement video in order to try them out. Everyone wants to unlock Jessica; now you have an easy way of doing so.

With certain levels, when you fly far enough, you will fly past the boundaries of the level; this glitch is possible in the volcano stage. When you do that, your character will continue flying for an unlimited period of time, even if you take your finger off of the screen.

To stop your character in the middle of the flight, though, simply hit the skip button and the round will end. This allows you to collect whatever reward you earn for that unlimited playing time, essentially giving you unlimited cash.

To maximize all of that bonus flying time, set your phone or tablet so that auto lock is turned off, so that the screen will stay active indefinitely. Then, plug your device into a charger, fly past the boundaries of the level, and simply let the game go for however long you want to. When you want to collect your rewards, hit the skip button.

In order to play the game free of advertisements, set your device in airplane mode before you start the game. This will allow you to play the game with no advertisement interruptions; if you do this, though, none of the video offers will be available to you, making the upgrades go by slower.


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