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Nail Woman: Long Heels Run – Tips and Cheats Guide – Free Cash, All Characters, and All Levels

Nail Woman: Long Heels Run is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms that has gotten popular recently thanks to TikTok, where you play as a baddie, a model with high heels and really long nails. Your goal is to collect as many meals as possible, get money from the guys, and avoid all of the obstacles so that you don’t get knocked off of the stage.

You can earn cash along the way, which allows you to get new characters and other assorted bonuses. Plus, the stages continue to get harder as you continue to play the game.

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Read on for a list of tips, tricks, and cheats for Nail Woman: Long Heels Run!

The actual stages themselves are very easy. All that you have to do is make it to the end of the level, collect nails, tap of the guys with your nails, and avoid the obstacles in order to make money and move onto the next level. Occasionally, they can be riddled with glitches, though.

There is one level where the camera doesn’t move at all, so you have to look really closely at your character as she walks down the runway. Occasionally, there can even be levels where are you cannot tap the button to go to the next level and collect your cash.

Normally, the solution for the latter situation is to close the game and then open it back up. Alternatively, you can also try waiting to go to an area with a better signal and then beat the level again. Usually, this lock up happens because the game is trying to load an advertisement video, but cannot load it due to a bad signal.

You can also play the game in airplane mode in order to get rid of the ads altogether. There’s only works if you put the phone in airplane mode first and then open the game second. Because there is no internet signal, the ads won’t even try to load.

The only downside to doing this is that you will not be able to watch videos to earn cash or new characters. The involuntary videos will go away, but so will the voluntary videos that you might choose to watch. Simply turn off airplane mode in order to get the videos loaded.

The other solution for these is to either try deleting the game and downloading it again, or wait for an update from the developers. One of these two methods will work, and allow you to move on further in the game.

There are two types of new characters that you can get. Normal characters can be unlocked by spending 10,000 cash, or by watching an advertisement video. When you do this, a completely random character will unlock.

VIP characters can be unlocked using a different method. To unlock them, you have to watch a video three times, but you will be able to choose the character that you unlock. Most of the VIP characters are designed after superheroes or other popular characters, such as Harley Quinn from the DC universe.

All of these characters play the exact same way and move at the exact same speed, so there is no gameplay advantage to unlocking new characters. They will simply change your look in your clothing, but strangely enough, their nails are all the same color.


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