Spirit Stones – How to get more gold, gems and hearts

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Spirit Stones, like any other card battling RPG that you’ll find on the App Store, has multiple forms of currency that you can put to use in building a strong team. Gold coins are the common currency of the game, and are mainly used for enhancing, evolving and for purchasing base level card packs. Gems are the premium currency, and are used for things such as premium card packs, wines and other goodies. Hearts are the “social currency” and are used mainly for card packs. Read on to find out how to get more of all three of these!

The main way to get more gold is by going through the quests. You’ll have a base gold prize that you earn when you finish a quest, and oftentimes, many of the treasure chests that you win will contain coin bonuses. Plus, whenever you find a new enemy that you have never battled before, you will earn a coin bonus.

Another way to earn coins is to sell any of the cards that you aren’t using anymore. You’ll find yourself doing this a lot when you have to save up gold for enchantment and evolution, because these things are surprisingly expensive to do. Plus, when you win in battles, you’ll steal coins from the opposing player, but if you lose, you’ll get some of your coins stolen.


Complete missions for free coins AND for free gems. Go to the missions menu to see what you have available to you. Some will be for free gems, while most of them will be for free coins (and for other bonuses such as card packs)

To get more hearts, first, you need to add more friends in the social menu. Once you have friends on your buddy list, go to the social menu and send each of them hearts once every 24 hours. They’ll receive notifications of hearts sent, meaning that they will more than likely send hearts to you once per day as well. Plus, whenever you see someone in a quest, send them a friend request and you will earn free hearts as well.

Keep a lookout for any events that pop up – go to the main menu to check what the current events are, because they’re a great opportunity to earn coins, gems and other rewards. Plus, log in every single day to earn the daily rewards – mostly coins, but every so often, you’ll earn some free gems too. Plus, play in the Hellgates to earn loads of hearts.


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