Summoners War: Sky Arena – Top 25 Tips, Cheats, Strategies and Hints, Page 1

Summoners War: Sky Arena is the hottest new mobile RPG for the iOS and Android platforms – and hey, if that new Amazon phone goes somewhere, it could show up there too. Just saying. Anyways, this is one of the most addicting of the genre yet, with loads of unlockable monsters and buildings (yes, there is even a city building element), and even more ways to make your team a force to be reckoned with. Read on for the top 25 tips and tricks for Summoners War: Sky Arena!

25) To speed up battles, put them on 3X and auto mode.
You can use the fast forward button to speed the battle up to 2x, 3x, or right back down to 1x speed. Use the play button to make the battle go automatically. This will speed you through about 90 percent of battles, especially combined with targeting, but for tough battles, healing spells won’t be used when targeting is used, so your best bet is to go right back to manual mode.

24) Have at least one healer on your team.
Fairy is a good bet since you start the game with her. Power up your healer as much as possible. In Fairy’s case, she is both a tank and a healer, so put her in front and raise her stats as high as possible to get FAR more of a fighting chance in the tougher battles.


23) Evolve your monsters when they hit the maximum experience level.
Level them up to their max level using power-ups and using the experienced gained from battle grinding. Then you will be able to evolve them using a combination of material monsters that are the same rarity (star rating) as your gaining monster.

22) Participate in the Arena as often as possible for huge rewards.
The more you participate, the more arena points you get. Hit the “weekly reward” column to see what you’ll earn at your current rank, and what you can earn at higher ranks. You can earn massive amounts of crystals (the red gems) this way, and if you points and rank are high enough, you can even earn rare monsters as a reward.

21) Maximize your defenses to earn arena points and glory without even having to do anything.
Go to the Summoner Tower and put a strong team on the defense, but make sure that they are also a highly diverse team so that you can knock off all manner of different teams. Make sure that you have the maximum number of Arcane Towers because they can do area damage to all monsters on your opponent’s team in battle.

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