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2MEGA – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

2MEGA is a new endless runner game for the iOS and Android platforms starring the rapper Babytron. Your goal is to make it as far as you can through the game and compete against other players to see who can earn the highest score. You can earn sunglasses, Gatorade bottles, and other goodies in order to increase your score and give yourself temporary invincibility.

Keep reading for a collection of tips and tricks for 2MEGA!

The goal in this game is to run as far as you possibly can. The further that you run, the higher that your score will be. You start off running slow, but as you get further and further into the level, the speed of your character will gradually increase, so you will have to be more careful about obstacles.

There are two types of power ups that you can get. One of these is the pair of sunglasses and one of these is the Gatorade bottle, and both are valuable in their own way. The sunglasses give you a little bit of invincibility, and also increase your speed, but be aware, because the invincibility will go away without warning, so try not to accidentally run into enemies or obstacles.

You have a stamina bar that drains each time you run into an obstacle, and when the stamina bar runs out, you lose the level. Even if your stamina runs low, though, it can be restored. All that you have to do is collect the Gatorade bottles whenever you come across them, and you will regain a little bit of stamina; pick up multiple Gatorade bottles in a row and you even have the chance of fully restoring your health.

From the main menu, you have the ability to check the leaderboard, which will compare your score against all of the scores from other players who have played the game. Just like old-school mobile games, this one uses Game Center in order to track all of the scores, so you get to see exactly what your place is among the people who played this game.

There is another mysterious menu called extras that you can access from the main menu. If you go to the extras screen, you will be prompted to type in a 10 digit number, and exchange for earning bonuses. This can probably be used to unlock new skins and characters, or even new stages, but as of right now, it is unknown what you can get from this screen.

You have multiple options for moving around most obstacles that you encounter. When it comes to the zombie football players, you can either jump over them or move to the side in order to get around them, or if you have the sunglasses, you can run right through them.

Click on the 💩 icon on the main screen and you will be taken to a website where you can purchase music or merchandise related to Babytron. None of this is related to gameplay, this is simply if you enjoy the musician.

When you are running, you will see text from reviews scrolling at the top of the screen. They tend to put text from the funniest reviews here, so make sure that your review is funny if you want a chance at being featured.

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