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KooriRun – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

KooriRun is a new endless runner game for the iOS and Android platforms where you play as Koorosh, a Persian rapper who has become extremely popular. Your goal is to run as far as you can, pick up gems and Koori1 Coins, Reach as high of a multiplier as possible, and try to achieve the best score on the entire leaderboard. You can purchase hats, chains, and other accessories in order to style your character as well.

Keep reading for a collection of tips and tricks for KooriRun!

Right from the beginning, when you download the game, it will ask you for your name and your email address, saying that this is the way to keep your score in the leaderboard. If you are worried about email spam, then you can simply put a fake email address instead of your real one. The game does not verify whether your email address is real or fake.

After you do that, immediately you will be able to start running. Try not to look around at this surroundings too much, because due to the perspective of the game, they can sometimes be disorienting. Instead, try to focus on what ahead of you, so that you can move to the side, jump over obstacles, or slide under obstacles as needed.

There are two primary types of obstacles in this game. You have stationary obstacles, such as roadblocks and traffic cones, that are fairly easy to maneuver around or jump over, or in the case of the high roadblocks, to slide under. Then you have rats, which you have to time in order to avoid properly.

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You are able to hit up to three obstacles before you lose, because your character has three hit points, represented by hearts. If you hit one obstacle, you will lose your multiplier, but you will still be able to keep running. If you hit three obstacles in one run, then you will have to start over.

In order to reach the higher multipliers, Simply keep running without hitting anything for as long as you possibly can and your multiplier will slowly increase. You can also pick up multiplier doubles which look like “X2“ and they will double your multiplier, no matter what it is, so if you need to get a X10 multiplier to complete a mission, then run until you get “X5“ and then pick up the “X2“ power up to it.

Completing missions is the best way to get Koori1 Coins, which are far more rare than the diamonds are. You can also find them randomly screw about each level, but it’s much faster to earn them by completing missions. As soon as you complete one mission, a new mission will be added to your list, so you will always have three missions at a time to complete.

You can use diamonds and Koori1 Coins to purchase new accessories for your character. These accessories do not change the gameplay at all; they simply change the look of your character, and the gameplay remains the same no matter which ones you equip. They are more of a status symbol than anything.