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Obama Run: Top Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Obama Run is a new endless runner meme game for the iOS and Android platforms. You can play as either Obama or Trump, run through a level filled with random endless obstacles, and unlock new characters and level designs.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Obama Run!

This game is a rarity in today’s day and age, in that it is an extremely challenging endless runner; most games of this genre are very easy nowadays. In this game, your reflexes have to be very fast so that you can avoid it as many obstacles as possible.

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Your goal is to collect coins as you run. There is no scoring system, so the coins are the only way to judge how far you have gone and how many points you have.

Coins are, in fact, arguably more important than surviving for a long time. You will get more coins in a shorter period of time as you get further into the level, though. Your character will run faster and faster, so naturally, you will collect more coins.

You only have two moves that you can make in each level. You can either swipe left to move left, or swipe right to move right. You cannot jump , and you cannot slide.

Keep collecting coins and you will be able to unlock new characters and new level skins. The level skins will change the look of each level, but they won’t change the layout of the obstacles. The level design is randomized every time that you start a new game, so there’s no chance for it to make a difference anyways.

Be sure to keep the game updated, because new characters and level designs are added when the game is updated. You can set downloads to start automatically for updated games in the App Store, which makes this easy to do.

Other than turning down the music and sound effects, there are no other options in this game. This is a very straightforward game with a very simple purpose, which is simply to run as far as you can and collect as many coins as you can.

Of course, if you get a super high score, you are probably going to want to brag, so if you’d like, you can post your single run score in the comment section below this article. The person who posts the highest score will win our undying admiration, at least until a higher score comes along.