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Vegan Run (mobile game app): Tips, Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough, Extreme Mode High Scoring, and Strategy Guide

Vegan Run is a new endless running game for the iOS and Android platforms based on the Vegan Teacher meme from TikTo. You play as a traditionally carnivorous character, such as a wild boar, running through a grocery store, and paradoxically, especially considering the name, your goal is to collect chicken or turkey legs while avoiding every other possible obstacle, such as tables or cardboard cut outs of angry vegan teachers.

This game has multiple characters and four different difficulty levels, with extreme mode being far, far harder then any of the other three. The three easier difficulties range from a super easy to difficult but manageable, but extreme mode is a level of hard that might be unseen in any previous endless runner, or any previous video game, period.

Read on for tips and cheats, and extreme mode strategies, in Vegan Run!

First, before you go and play extreme mode, you should play the easy mode, medium, and hard mode. Play them just to see what you are initially up against. Easy mode is ridiculously easy, while hard mode is about equivalent to other endless runner games, such as Subway Surfers.

Extreme mode, however, is nearly impossible to be. It’s difficult to get more than just a few points, and occasionally, when you start the run, there will literally be no possible path for you to run through. All three lanes will be blocked, and you can’t jump, nor can you slide.

All that you can do a swipe to the left into the right, which leaves you in a difficult situation. Be prepared to swipe extremely extremely fast. You can use up to two fingers on the screen at a time in order to facilitate rapid at double swipes.

Occasionally, you will be able to knock something over and not lose any points for it by sideswiping it. If you run headfirst into it, you will always lose the game when you hit it, but if you sideswipe it, sometimes you can stay alive afterwards. It doesn’t always work, though, so be careful.

If you are in the far left or the far right lane, swipe up against the side wall to do a quick bounce against the wall. Occasionally, this will get you past an obstacle that is barely blocking the lane, allowing you to continue further for one or two more points.

If you are trying to get a new character, then it’s best to play the easier difficulty levels, because you do not get any bigger rewards just for playing a higher difficulty level. Also, the easier the difficulty, the more turkey drumsticks you can collect, because the longer that you can go during the run without crashing into something.

Try playing with different characters to see which character has the narrowest footprint. The narrowest character might make it easier to avoid some obstacles.

There are some situations that will slow your phone down, such as playing the game for too long, being low on battery life, or playing in an extremely hot environment. Do some thing that can slow down your phone, then go back to playing the game, and the game will slow down to a fraction of its normal speed. When it runs slower, you will be able to make moves more quickly.

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If you want to change difficulty levels or change characters without closing down the game, then simply hit the button that looks like a house to go to the home screen. Go there, and you will be able to change characters, then reselect the difficulty level before you begin play again.

No matter what difficulty level you are on, all of the levels are randomly generated. This makes the biggest difference for extreme mode, of course. Some of the random levels are much harder than others, even within the same difficulty. Of course, some of them are nearly impossible in extreme mode.


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