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Battle Force – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Battle Force is a new RPG for the iOS platform by Ice Fang, with a retro style reminiscent of 8-bit PC games. This game contains card battling elements, as you put together a party of six, power up and enhance that party, and send them out against wave after wave of increasingly-powerful enemies. You can collect gems, coins and other goodies, and evolve your fighters as well as load them up with increasingly more powerful equipment. Read on for some tips and tricks for Battle Force!

Enhance your group of cards in one of many ways. The first way is to go to their skill page and upgrade their skills. This only costs you coins, and you will earn plenty of coins as you go. The other way to do so is to enhance their equipment, and you will need the right materials in order to upgrade the equipment. Materials can usually be found as drops, or in the store if you spend coins or gems for them.

The cheapest way to upgrade your cards, though, is simply to increase their experience points, which can be done by simply battling them. Go back to old stages to get a new card caught up to simply to grind for levels if you are tired of losing or of close calls on any stage that you play.

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Evolving a card requires that you get the spirit of that card. That’s available from the chests, but you can also earn them by taking an actual fighter card (for example, the swordsman) and sacrificing it, which will then turn it into the spirit of whatever card it used to be. When you have enough spirit, you can use it to evolve an existing card of the same type (I.E. swordsman) and cause it to gain another star in rarity. It will drop back down to level 1 as well, and pick up a base stat boost (although its stats will drop in the short term, they will increase a lot in the long term).

Unlike most mobile RPGs, you can watch advertisement videos in order to earn free gems here. Hit the “Free Gems” button on the main screen (not in the IAP store) and a video will pop up, and when the video is done, you will be five gems richer. Do this until you get enough for a 2-3 star chest in the treasure chest store.

Look for any and all notifications on the main screen, as these are often popping up to let you know that you have, in one way or another, earned a ton of free coins, some free gems or a new card, or some spirit or upgrade materials. Clear out your notifications every time.