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Body Race: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Body Race is a new iOS and Android game where you play a model who has to pick up food and workout equipment during her race. Each item that you pick up has an effect on your weight. Maybe a little problematic nowadays, but that’s the game.

You can unlock all kinds of new outfits, as well as play tougher and tougher levels as you make your way from level to level.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Body Race!

To start, the reviews for the game contain a lot of commentary on the weight that pops up on the scale, and how unrealistic that weight is compared to the body type of the model. The weight appears to be calculated in kilograms, however, rather than pounds, so if you look at it that way, it makes things seem a little bit more realistic than the pounds count.

Also, your goal here is not to be the smallest weight possible. If you only pick up fruits and vegetables, and not any of the burgers or other heavier foods, then you’re going to be too skinny, and you’re going to have a lower score on the level.

Your goal by the end of the level is to be within the dark green area, which is the balanced weight range. To make sure that you are within this range, pick up a good balance of fruit, veggies, workout equipment, and burgers. Skip the healthy stuff if you need to in order to not get too skinny.

You can unlock a bunch of new outfits as you go through the game. There are two ways to get new outfits. One way is to go to the outfit select screen, pick an outfit that you don’t have yet, then hit the video button to watch an advertisement video. When the ad video finishes, then you’ll have the new outfit.

The other way to get new outfits is to unlock them by completing levels. You have to get the unlock meter to 100% in order to get the outfit. If you get up to 100 percent, then you can select the new outfit.

You can also unlock new outfits via a combination of both of the above. When an outfit is partially unlocked, you do have the option of watching an ad video in order to unlock the rest of the outfit immediately, rather than having to wait for the completion of the entire outfit by beating levels.

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Once you unlock all of the outfits, then you can keep playing all that you want, but more new outfits will become available the next time that the game is updated. As soon as it updates, you’ll be able to get the new outfits.

If you want to play the game without advertisements, then the best way to do so is to turn on airplane mode, or to make sure that your cellular data and Wifi are turned off. Once you do this, load the game, and the ads won’t be able to load due to no data connection.


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