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Bouncemasters: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Bouncemasters is a new penguin-launching game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal in this game is to send it as far as you can, so that your penguin can get the penguin girl that he has a crush on. You can upgrade multiple things, earn a ton of coins and gems, and send your penguin a nearly unlimited distance. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bouncemasters!

Your goal with the initial launch is to get an “Awesome Kick” bonus and send your penguin as far as possible. To get this, your best bet is usually to tap when the penguin is at an even height with the top of the bear’s bat. After you buy a multitude of power-ups, though, it will become a bit more difficult to get the bonus. The height required for an Awesome Kick is still about the same, but there is less margin for error.

The great launch isn’t the deciding factor in hitting a distance record though; you can get a distance record even if you get a Cool or a Not Bad launch. Tap to dive, and use your dives to bounce and make combos off of whales, seals, the tops of icebergs, mushrooms, and more. Many obstacles, such as the moose and the iceberg, will foil you if you run into the side of them, but you’ll bounce if you run into the top of them.

There’s a wealth of bonus opportunities in this game that can be unlocked by watching ad videos. Get the multiplier bonus after a round by watching an ad video, or when you get a chest offer, use the ad video to unlock it, as it has arguably the biggest potential coin bonus of anything in the game. And you can get a free power-up whenever the video icon appears, as long as you watch an ad video to the end.

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Once you make it to 25,000 feet, you’ll make it to the lady penguin. After that, you’ll be added to the Global League to compete against other players by the longest distance traveled. To maximize your distance and work your way up the ranks, continue to take every ad bonus you have a chance to get. Even if you get a great launch, maximize your bounces in order to squeeze every bit of distance out before your run is over.

If you want to play the game without ads (since they do pop up involuntarily quite often), all you have to do is play in an area with bad reception or turn on your airplane mode. If you do this, though, then the voluntary ad bonus options go away, as well, so if you’re competing for distance and coins, the quickest way to earn them is from the ad video options, so you’ll want to leave off airplane mode.