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Learn 2 Fly – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Learn 2 Fly is a new game for the iOS and Android where you try to make a penguin fly as far as possible. To do that you have to accelerate it down the hill, launch it, and angle it just the right way, and then on top of that, you have a ton of other skills that you can use for the purpose of launching the penguin even further. Read on for some tips and tricks for Learn 2 Fly!

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Gold coins and diamonds are the two different currencies of this game. You can get more coins within the levels themselves, or you can trade diamonds for gold coins. If you want to get free diamonds, go to the IAP menu, then hit the “FREE” button and a video will play. Watch the video and you will earn three free diamonds. You’ll have to wait for a bit before watching it again, but do that as soon as you can.

Tap with two fingers if you need to in order to make the accelerometer go all the way to max. After you do that, the next thing you can do, depending on the various power ups that you have purchased already, is to hit the red buttons that pop up in the lower right corner of the screen. The various gliders and rockets will all have different properties.

Once you launch the penguin, tilt your phone and you will be able to tilt your glider forwards or backwards. If you tilt it back all the way or forward all the way and hold it there, you can give up distance in exchange for doing some flips and other tricks. These will earn you coins and will allow you to complete various quests. Or, you can control the direction of tilt without flipping, if you want to go a very high height instead of a long distance. Both will earn you bonus coins.

Your rockets have a certain amount of fuel. Make better use of the fuel by not using all of your rocket boost at once, but instead, tapping the screen and slowly letting your fuel out. Do this while tilted so that you can go a very long distance, and then use the boosts and the momentum to launch yourself an absolutely crazy distance.

Grind for coins by not buying any of the boosts and not using diamonds to revive, but instead simply by playing and launching over and over. Then use your winnings to purchase better items. Repeat as many times as you need to in order to