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Brick Splits – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Brick Splits is a brand new iPhone and iPad game starring the vine star Summerella. Your goal is to do the splits on as many sets of bricks as possible without missing a split. You can rack up high scores, collect coins and purchase loads of other characters, and compete to get the best score on all of Game Center. Read on for some tips and tricks for Brick Splits!

As you rack up a higher and higher score, the obstacles will get worse and worse. For example, the bricks will become smaller, and your platform (as well as the bricks) will start moving from side to side, making it much tougher to focus. Your character will even flip upside down. When this happens, rotation-lock your device and flip it upside down and you’ll be back to normal.

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You can collect coins for every point you earn (or two coins per point once the platforms narrow out really hard), but the quickest way to earn coins is by waiting until the video ad offer pops up. When it does, watch the video and you will earn 50 coins automatically. The quicker you die each time, the faster the video will come up overall as it comes up after every fifth loss.

Collect 500 coins and you will be able to get a new character. Many new characters can also be earned by following random social media prompts, such as liking Bruh Inc or the other various companies affiliated with the game on Facebook. All of the characters play the same way, it’s just the appearance of the character that changes.

If you have not seen an obstacle yet, it will not show up until you hit a specific point in the level where it’s triggered to show up (such as the gold, super-narrow bricks). However, once you come across it the first time, it will then be able to show up at almost any time.

Check Game Center to see what the top scores in the world are so that you can know how you stack up overall. The high score at the top is a hack, but every score that looks somewhat realistic is a real score. The current real high score in the game is 58 points.