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Darklings Season 2 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Darklings Season 2 is the tough new sequel to the original black-and-white swiping affair that frustrated gamers a couple years back. Darklings Season 2 plays more like an update to the old one in that there are marked similarities in gameplay, but there are plenty of new features as well, and while this game starts off fairly simple it gets extremely difficult and frustrating very quickly. Read on for some tips and tricks for Darklings Season 2!

Energy is used in this game, and once every fifteen minutes, you will recover one of your energy points. Energy is required in order to play a round. If you want to restore all of your energy right away then all that you have to do is go to the date and time settings and set the time ahead by 15 minutes times however much energy you want to restore. Then go back to the game. If you do this, though, then when you set the time back to normal your energy will go into the negatives, so make sure that you fix the time when you go to bed or otherwise put the phone down for awhile.

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If you lose at any stage other than stage one, which is the forest, that stage will become locked, and you will be forced to spend one gem to unlock it. You can get the gems by going back to any stage that you have already beaten and beating them again. In fact, for practice purposes, it can be a good idea to go to the old stages multiple times in a row to stock up on gems, then to go back to the newer stage and grind your way through it.

Sometimes it can be rather unclear on how you die in this game as you can seemingly die randomly, but it’s from not making combos quickly enough, so speed-swiping is paramount. Swipe each shape on as small of a surface area as possible. You don’t need to make a big sweeping shape in order to take out an enemy. A small swipe is enough as long as the shape is relatively accurate (doesn’t need to be perfect).

Stars are the main currency and you have to get more stars in order to be able to buy more power-ups. This is where the older levels come in handy too, along with the three missions at a time that you can beat. Go to the old stages and make sure to swipe to drive the stars towards you so that you can collect them. Don’t waste your stars on revives; save them instead for power ups and upgrades.

Go to the shop and purchase permanent upgrades for the best bang for the buck (or star as it were). Many of them will boost the amount of stars or even gems that you can collect; still others will increase your energy or reduce the damage that you take.