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Defend the Planet 2 – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Defend the Planet 2 is a new endless planet-defense game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to defend the planet from meteor hits by tapping to move the planet’s partial barrier into their path. You can gun for high scores, take on the ever-increasing difficulty levels of successive planets, and use various power-ups to help you along. Read on for some tips and tricks for Defend the Planet 2!

Your main goal is to knock out the meteors that take aim at your planet, but there are also space shuttles that pop up every once in awhile. Your goal with these is to let one of them through and not destroy them with the barriers. If you let one of them through, then all of the meteors on the screen will explode. If you don’t, there is no penalty, you just won’t get the bonus.

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Whenever you die, if you die but you have made it to another planet, you will get to start over again from where you left off. Not from the score that you left off at, just at that particular planet. If you die without making it to the next planet, you will have to start the current planet over again. You can always go and replay older/easier planets if you’d like.

There are two different power-ups that you can use to help out during the middle of a tough round. One of them is the red barrier. It covers the entire planet and goes away after it is hit once. When it’s hit by a meteor, it will blow up all of the rest of the meteors on the screen. If you use up all three of them, you can purchase more of them.

The green barrier is a completely different kind. It will fill in the holes in your current barrier, essentially making for one or more than one small barriers, to give you 100% coverage. If a meteor hits it, it will blow up both the meteor and the side of the green barrier than it hit. You can also purchase more of these, as well.

Check out the high scores for either Google Play or Game Center, depending on your device, by hitting the high score button. You’ll be able to compare your score to those of the other top players in the world. If you see any hacked scores, scroll past those and down to the scores that look difficult but possible. Those are the ones to beat.