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Go Plane – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Go Plane is Voodoo’s newest endless game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to control an airplane that has missiles launching at it constantly, avoid the missiles, and get them to crash into each other. You can rack up sky-high scores and unlock new planes as you go, too. Read on for some tips and tricks for Go Plaen by Voodoo!

If you want to really get a high score, then the way to do so is to go into fever mode. To do this, let a missile get near you. Turn slowly so that the missile stays within your “red zone”, without actually hitting you. Then once the circular bar fills up, you’ll go into fever mode, and any missile that runs into your trail will blow up.

To maximize the amount of missiles that hit your trail, take wide, sweeping turns instead of tight turns when you are in fever mode. Tight turns will result in about 15 missiles hitting your trail. Looser turns will result in a good 20-25 missiles running into your trail before you fall out of fever mode, and considering that each successive missile results in a higher score, you want to blow up as many missiles during fever as possible.

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To predict where a missile is going to pop up, look at the area immediately behind your plane because that’s where the missile will pop up. So if you are making tight turns, then the missile will pop up in an unpredictable place, but if you are making loose turns, or not turning at all, then it’s easy to predict where the missiles will pop up at.

You have twelve possible planes that you can unlock, although there are more of them coming as soon as the development team unleashes the next few updates. Each plane requires a specific action in order to unlock. For example, the red plane requires you to collide 15 missiles in a row, while the kite requires you to play the game for two days in a row.

For the red plane specifically, the unlock is difficult. In order to get this, you have to ram 15 missiles in a row into each other. This can’t be done with fever mode, though. This can only be done when you are not in fever mode, so you have to fly around until you get a bunch of missiles on screen, and then turn harder and ram them into each other.