Man Vs. Missiles – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Man Vs. Missiles is a new game for the iOS and Android where you control a plane and try to avoid getting missiles shot at you. You can get star coins and use speed boosts, shields, and flares to shake missiles off. You can even buy new planes to boost your speed and your turning radius permanently. Read on for some tips and tricks for Man Vs. Missiles!

Your plane turns slowly and it moves slowly, so you’ll have to use some strategy to deflect the missiles. If you get a missile chasing after you, turn in one direction and fly in a circle until it starts to close in on you. Once that happens, immediately shift to the other direction and it will fall off of your trail for a bit. Keep this up to keep the missiles out of your reach.

When two missiles appear at a time, do the same thing with them. When you change directions, they will run into each other and blow each other up. You’ll get a bigger and bigger coin bonus depending on how many missiles you can successfully smash into each other. Keep doing this for as long as possible to earn a ton of star coins and set a high score.

You can earn free coins by watching videos, as well. One of the offers will pop up when you finish a round, as a bonus after you’re done, and can be claimed every time you finish a round. The coins will be worth 1/5 of your score. The other kind will be inside of the plane store. This will provide a fixed amount of coins.

Once you get enough coins, you can go to the in-game store and buy new planes. A new plane will make you fly faster, and you’ll be able to turn quicker, so buy a new plane and you’ll better be able to shake off missiles and last a long time, especially as the round goes on and the missiles get faster.

To unlock the plane, you will have to gain levels as well as have enough coins. To gain levels, complete all of the objectives in one round. You’ll gain a level; play again and you’ll gain another level once you complete that next new set of objectives. Keep going to gain levels and unlock new planes.

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