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Grub – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Grub is a new puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Think of it like the classic Snake game for the old-school cell phones, except that you’re able to move in every single direction in this game. Your goal is to eat as many apples and get many coins as possible while avoiding dangerous animals. Read on for some tips and tricks for Grub!

The first thing that you should do in this game is to go to the settings and change the sensitivity of the controls. You automatically start off with the least sensitive controls, but if you find it too difficult to move Grub around quickly enough, increase the sensitivity and it will become far easier to do so without having to move your phone a ton.

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Coins are the currency in this game. In order to earn as many coins as possible, shop smart in the upgrade store. Increasing the magnet radius is potentially the fastest way to earn coins, because you will have to move around less yet you will earn more coins and you will earn them more quickly. They will help you earn more apples, too.

If you don’t have enough points for upgrades, go to the in app purchase store and you will have two different options to free coins. One of them is watching advertisement videos, and the other one is completing free offers, both of which, when added up over time, can earn insane amounts of free coins. Each video, for example, will earn you 100 coins.

This is necessary especially because coins can also be used to purchase more lives if you run out. Typically it doesn’t cost many coins in order to restore your lives, which is a good thing, because you can’t get more lives by doing the time lapse cheat in this game. Either waiting for them or buying them are the only two ways to get them.

Earning three stars on the stage is extremely difficult to do, so it takes a lot of practice in order to do it. But your main strategy to get three stars per stage will be to upgrade the spikes as high as you can, so that you can make your caterpillar go for as long as you can, so that every apple that you earn can earn you more points. Collect gold apples too, because they are worth 10 times more points than the green apples.