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Sky Hero – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

Sky Hero is a new endless falling game for the iOS platform by Kokonut Games. The one thing that sets this apart from all of the other endless games for the platform is the graphics, more specifically the beautiful animation, which is downright Bluth-esque compared to the majority of other games for this platform. Your goal is to fall as far and collect as many coins as you can. Read on for some tips and tricks for Sky Hero!

Your goal is to avoid the giant fireball who is trying to catch you. He’ll be behind you for awhile, but every time that you run into a different obstacle, he will get closer to you. If you hit two obstacles in a row, you are done. However, if you catch a speed-up (shaped like a downward-facing chevron), then you’ll get a little bit more wiggle room.

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If you lose on a stage, you can do one of two things to keep going. You can use a heart, and the stage will restart. Or, you can watch a free advertisement video in order to continue on. Best to have hearts in your stash, but to watch the video first and then use your hearts later on in the level. Double up and keep going for even longer!

You can unlock a new level called the Dragon’s Temple if you complete enough sets of missions in the Royal Castle. You can also purchase them for 99 cents if you want to. Watch out for the Sacred Ruins to be added in later in a separate update to the game, and once they are added, expect to be able to play them after beating the Dragon Temple missions.

At first the game is automatically set to use touch controls, meaning that you touch the left side of the screen to go left and tough the right side of the screen to go right. If you go to the options menu you can set it to tilt controls instead of touch controls. If you are already used to tilt games, this can be easier, although if you are not, then generally touch controls are easier.

With all of the coins that you get, you can purchase upgrades to your power ups, and you can purchase the legendary sword for 1,000 coins. If you buy that, then you get five swings of the sword before you run out and have to buy more swords. The sword swings in a circle around your character so save it until you are in some immediate danger.