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Spring Ninja – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Spring Ninja is a new endless game for the Android and iOS platforms, based off of the browser games that shot to popularity on Newgrounds and other flash gaming sites first. Your character is a fat ninja who can only jump by using a spring, so naturally, his aim is to jump as far as he can from skinny little platform to skinny little platform without falling down into the water. Read on for some tips and tricks for Spring Ninja!

You get one point each time that you jump from platform to platform, but if you hold the spring for a really long time you can jump far – potentially far to enough to jump clear over one platform and onto another platform. If you do this you’ll earn 2 points times the total platforms you advance by. If you jump over one platform and onto the one after it, you get four points. If you jump over two platforms and land on the one after them, you get six points.

That’s a way to get easy points but that’s also based more on luck, not skill. You will need to practice in order to get the aim right. You will have many games where you score zero points or one point, but they are a part of the learning experience. Just use them to practice the distance requirements for various platform heights and distances.

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You will get different sorts of rewards based on how many points you earn. If you earn ten points, you will get a bronze token. If you get twenty, you get a silver token. If you get thirty, you will get a gold token. If you get forty points, you will get a platinum token. If you get more than that, you won’t earn any better rewards, but you are probably going to be in the top 100 players of all time due to the insane difficulty of this game.

You will need to hold the screen for far longer when you are jumping to a platform of a higher elevation. Consequently, you will need to hold the screen for a very short time when jumping to a platform of a lower elevation, so be sure to compensate adequately depending on the elevation of the platform that you are jumping to.

If you want to get rid of the ads for free, all that you have to do is to set your phone or your tablet into airplane mode, or take off the cellular data and disconnect the WiFi. This game is not all that ad heavy, though, so it’s more trouble than it’s worth to get rid of the ads in this game. The pop ups don’t appear all that often and they don’t really get in the way.