High School Story: FAQ, Wiki, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to High School Story, a new game for the iPhone and Android that puts you in charge of running a high school! You get to be either a prep, a jock or a nerd, and your goal is to recruit other preps, jocks, nerds, and even more types of classmates, grow the school as big as you can, build classrooms and complete many story quests in order to beat out Hearst High as the top high school in your area. Read on for the beginner’s guide to High School Story!

The game begins with you on a blank piece of space, where you are introduced to the main characters of the game, such as Maddie, Max and Julian. Right off the bat you’ll be able to choose your main character’s clique type, as well as their hair, face and skin color. You can even link the game up to Facebook, and link your character to one of your friends on Facebook or Twitter. If you do this, they will only receive a notification if you decide to hit the share button afterwards.

Once you link a character up to a friend, you will receive 5 rings, which are the premium currency of the game. You’ll build the admissions office first, which will allow your character to enter the school, and then one of the three hangouts – the nerd, prep or jock hangout, depending on your character type. From there you’ll build the other three hangouts, and you can admit other students. You can receive rings for up to the first 20 students that you link to your friends on social networks.

Once you have those built, you can then build the classroom, which will allow you to pay coins for books. The books are then used to “help your classmates study”, which levels them up. Each time you help someone 4 times, they gain another level, but it takes more books.

Coins are the main currency of the game. They are earned by collecting them from the various hangouts, and each of your classmates earns a certain amount of coins per hour for their hangout. The higher their level is, the more coins they earn. Each hangout also has a maximum amount of coins that it can earn before you have to collect, which is 3,500 from the nerd hangout, 2,000 from the jock hangout and 1,000 from the prep hangout. The lower the amount of maximum coins, the faster the individual student types tend to accumulate coins.

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