Skip to Content – Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide is a new multiplayer arena game where you play as one of the boats from Jaws, and your goal is to fish for everything insight (including inanimate objects), catch the shark, BECOME the shark, and then eat everything in sight. You can load up on shark points and fight for the top rank, as well as unlock all sorts of new skins. Read on for some tips, cheats, hints, strategies, and tricks for!

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In this game, almost anything can earn you points, as long as you eat it. The only things that you want to avoid are the shark or any ships that are larger than you. The more points you have, the larger you become, and the more points your opposition have, the larger they become. Larger ships can destroy you, but you’ll destroy smaller ships. You and similarly-sized ships will just sail around each other.

When you’re in the vicinity of the shark, you’ll automatically fire shots at the shark. If your super shot is full, double tap on the screen to fire a super shot at the shark. If you kill the shark, you’ll become the new shark, and you’ll be able to eat all other ships, although they will shoot at you. Double tap when the dash meter is full to do a dash attack which makes it easy to eat other players (and almost anything else).

Even though you can’t kill the shark by running into it as the ship, you can run into literally anything else to absorb it and earn points. You can catch other smaller ships, you can catch whales, the kraken, helicopters, the docks, humans floating around, and more. Avoid the docks as they look cool when you smash through them, but they only provide two points per crash, which is almost worthless.

You can play this game without an internet connection; however, if you want a boost advantage, play the game with an internet connection. You’ll be able to watch an advertisement video in order to win a free boost at the beginning fo the game. The boost will give you some points to start out with so that you begin the game bigger, and you’ll also earn one ad boost toward unlocking specific skins.

Shark points are the equivalent to experience points in this game; the more of the you earn, the higher you rank can go, and the more new shark and boat skins you’ll unlock. You earn 20 points for a first place finish, 10 shark points for a second place finish, and 5 shark points for a third place finish. You won’t earn any shark points for finishing 4th or worse.


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