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Kim Kardashian – Hollywood: Tips and Cheats – The Strategy Guide, Page 3

Make sure to pick up experience, stars, cash and other bonuses yourself, rather than letting them collect on their own. When you tap one to pick it up yourself, the time until your next energy comes will drop by five seconds, so the more that you do this, the quicker that you can get through various assignments and store shifts.

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Befriend a large variety of people from different jobs, because different assignments will have different people who can be activated for the job. Even seemingly unimportant people, such as caterers and dentists, should be added to your contacts list, because there will be situations in which you can contact them and use them to earn bonuses.

Oftentimes you will have choices between whether to pursue feuds and beefs with other celebrities, or simply to take the high road and walk away. Choose wisely, and to make the choice easier, simply pick one choice half of the time and the other choice half of the time. Balance is the key to everything, and that includes pursuing feuds.

Don’t be afraid to turn down assignments whenever Simon or somebody else calls you, or to take option 2 instead of jumping at the first assignment. Often Simon and others will actually have multiple assignments, so the second option will often be “What else?” or something like that. In that case, hit the “What else?” button and you’ll find other assignments, including ones which you have never done before.

If you don’t want to add people on Facebook who play this game, you can add people on Game Center, too. To do that, simply go to the Glu forums which are in the ‘options’ menu of the game, and post an add me post, or add people who have posted an add me post. Or utilize the comments section of this article to find people on Game Center who play this game too.

Whenever you see an animal around, adopt them. This is one of the best uses for stars (star koins), because when you have a pet in your apartment, they will give you bonus energy just for existing. They will also give you other bonuses, too – even stars if you end up lucky.

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