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Kim Kardashian – Hollywood: Top 20 Tips, Tricks and Cheats, Page 2

15: Add friends on Facebook or Game Center in order to use their help in assignments.
You can date them, too. They tend to earn you the best bonuses. If you know people who play the game as well (and will actually admit that they do), add them in the game. Otherwise, use Game Center to do so. Or find people on Facebook that you don’t know who do play the game, and add them (this is where having a second Facebook account comes in handy).

14: Where to look for people to add as friends
Most likely, you’ll find them in the App Store or Google Play reviews pages. Searching in the comment pages of the articles on this site is another great way to find the “add me” requests, as is searching in Facebook groups about the game, or even on the official Facebook page. You’ll need to log in from a device other than the one which you play the game on in order to see the threads, though.

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13: Purchase clothes to increase your networking power or your dating power.
This will earn you extra star bonuses in each assignment or extra heart bonuses for each date. Go to the clothing store and work your way up from the cheapest stuff. Buy as much as you can because the more that is in your closet, the bigger that the bonuses will be.

12: Buy stuff for your apartment, too.
Purchase furniture, art, accessories and other goodies for your apartment, condo or house, as these will increase your star or heart rating as well. Also, you will find them to be cheaper than buying new clothes, usually, giving you far more bang for the proverbial buck than you might expect.

11: Add as many NPCs (non player characters) as you can in order to load up on contacts.
Contacts will have different jobs – for example, some will be teachers, some will be athletes, some will be actors or models, and some will be photographers. Not all of them will be available for every assignment. Different jobs become available for different assignments, making it important to have as many as possible.

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