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Kim Kardashian – Hollywood: Top 20 Tips, Tricks and Cheats, Page 3

10: Date as high up on the list as you can.
The higher up that you date on the list, the more of a bonus you’ll get when the paparazzi photograph you and your date out and about. Plus, the more that you on assignments with them, the more you will build up their star power, as well, and when their star rating increases, so do your bonuses.

9: Take the logical road when it comes to dealing with rival celebrities, paparazzi and others.
Let the Pap take the pictures that they want to take – you will earn bonus fans for it. As far as dealing with celebrities, don’t be too vengeful or you will eventually end up losing fans. Strike a good balance between revenge and taking the high road, or between anger and calmness in your responses in order to earn the most cash, fans and experience points.

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8: When Simon calls you, turn down an assigment and he will have a second one.
The second option will be “What else?”. Tap on that button to see what the second assignment is. Sometimes, it will have a different time length than the other one, and other times it will lead you to an assignment that you are more (or less) likely to have a contact for. If you tap “What else?” again, he will just scroll back through them.

7: Gain an experience level and you will have a full energy refill.
Plus, you will earn one extra maximum energy. Maximize this by timing your level ups for when you are either out of energy, or almost out of energy, or if you run out of energy, go and tap on the various locations around the which earn you bonuses (again, the mailboxes, signs and stuff like that) and keep doing that until you finally level up and get your energy back.

6: Adopt pets that you see hanging around the city.
These pets include the cat that you see hanging out around downtown LA, as well as others that pop up over time. Just like the Stardom games, pets will give you an energy bonus and other bonuses when you go back to your apartment and tap on them, giving you yet another source of free energy and bonus cash and goods.

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