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Legend City: List of Redeem Codes and How To Find More of Them

Legend City is a new mob-themed game for the iOS and Android platform where you can pick your new mob boss and start your very own territory in the MMORTS-style. You can build up your base much like your kingdoms in other MMORTS games, you can strengthen your resource-gathering, train soldiers, and make war against other players and computer-controlled enemies.

One of the best ways to get free rewards for doing absolutely nothing is by using redeem codes, which are supplied by the developers. They’re given away for many reasons and in many different ways, but you can find and use them all, with our help.

Read on for a list of codes, how to use them, and how to find more of them in Legend City!

Occasionally this game randomly decides to stop working, and when that happens, you have to delete the game and then reinstall it. So after you finish the tutorial, be sure to buy into your account if you have not already done so, so that when you delete and reinstall the game, you can pick up right where you left off.

Once you finish the tutorial and you are able to tap wherever you want to, tap on the settings menu, then look for the area where you can enter a redeem code. Type in your code or copy and paste it from another source, such as this article, then confirm the code and you will instantly receive your free prize pack.

For a smaller game like this one, the best place to start looking for codes is in the review section of the download page in the App Store where you downloaded the game from. Organize the reviews from newest to oldest, then scroll through to find the newest working codes. If you come across any codes that are not posted here, then be sure to post a review of your own and add the codes.

Another great place to check is on Facebook, on the official page for the game that is run by the developers. Look through all of the posts to see if any codes have been posted that you missed before. Additionally, subscribe to the page so that you will have new codes show up on your news feed.

Check other social media networks such as Twitter and Instagram for codes, even if they don’t have official developer pages for the game. You might also find codes that have been posted by fans, but don’t take any surveys for codes. You can also check Facebook groups where players discuss the game to see if anybody has posted any codes.

Go to the Subreddit for this game or to the Gacha gaming Subreddit and look for discussions about this game; specifically, look for discussions containing codes. Look for players who have advertised codes in the title of the thread, or who are asking for codes. If you have any codes that are not posted there, then share them.

Look for streams and videos that contain codes for the game as well. YouTube and Twitch, to be specific, are the best places to find videos and streams for games, so they are the most likely to contain codes. Developers sometimes give codes exclusively to streamers and Youtubers for promotional purposes, so that they can promote their game using the streamers’ built-in audiences.

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As of right now, no redeem codes have officially been released for Legend City; however, that doesn’t mean that no codes will ever be released, only that they simply haven’t been added to the game yet. We will continue checking our sources, and as soon as we come across codes to share, we will post them in this article!


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