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Cat Spa (iOS/Android): List of Special Codes and How To Find Them

Cat Spa is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms by Hyperbeard where you run a spa and massage parlor that both serves and is staffed by adorable cats. Your goal is to learn and provide as many possible services to your customers, build your business from the ground up, and to earn as much Churu and as many Apples as possible.

Special codes are a type of redeem code that have been added to the game by the developers, allowing you to get currencies and rewards for free by entering them. They can be exchanged for free gifts and prizes, and are often given out for promotional purposes or two loyal fans of the developer and the game.

Read on for a list of special codes, how to exchange them, and how to find more of them in Cat Spa!

In order to get to the code redemption area, first, after you get all the way through the tutorial and can tap any button you want, tap the menu button in the upper right corner of the screen. After you do that, tap on the little icon of a notebook in the lower left corner, that has a picture of an upside down heart on it.

After you tap that, a pop-up will appear and prompt you to enter a code. Type in your special code, or copy and paste it from somewhere else, then confirm the code, and you will get your free prize right away. You can use as many individual special codes as you want, but each one can only be used one time.

The developers are very active on Facebook, so this is the logical starting point when you are looking for codes. Go to the official page for the game that is run by the developers, look through previous posts to see if any codes have been posted that you missed, and subscribe to the page so that you don’t miss any more codes.

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Hyperbeard is also very active on other social media networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and more, so look on every social media network that you can for a page for Cat Spa. Occasionally Codes will be posting on one platform but not posted to another platform, so it’s best to look on as many platforms possible. The developers are based out of Mexico, so you might also want to check the Spanish language pages for the game to see if any codes have been posted there, but not on the English ones.

Twitch and YouTube are great sources because there are streamers who cover the game, as well as Youtubers who make videos about it. The developers have been known in the past to give codes exclusively to streamers and Youtubers, so that they can give them to their fans, and these codes will not only show up in videos and streams before they show up anywhere else, but they are only good for a limited time. Look through all of the streams and videos that you can, especially live streams.

The Subreddit for the game is where you are most likely to find Active discussion about the game my players, and this is also the first place that they go whenever they have a new code that they want to share. Go to any thread my players saying that they have codes or asking for codes, to see if you can find anything. If you have codes that you don’t see posted here, then share them with the world.

Go to the review page on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and look through all of the reviews to see if one of them contains a code. Search the reviews from newest to oldest for the best chance at finding a code that is current and working. Be sure to share any codes that you might have, as well.

As of right now, no special codes have been shared for the game, but you can get free rewards by going to the menu screen and tapping the picture of the three cats that is sitting to the right of the notebook icon where you enter the special codes. This is a significant free reward and will get you off to a large head start.

Be sure to keep checking back here, because we are constantly checking our sources for special codes. As we find them, we will edit this article and share them with you!


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