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Magic Revenge: Raid Legends – CD Key and Code List and Guide

Magic Revenge: Raid Legends is a popular new idol strategy RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. The fighting happens automatically, and you can gain all kinds of rewards, including new characters and new equipment, in order to build the strongest team possible. You can also find in the PVP arena mode, as well as in a number of special events and side quests.

Cd key codes are a type of redeem code that the developer has added to the game in order to reward players for social media engagement. These are official codes that can be exchanged for gifts and prizes, not cheats and hacks that will put your account at risk. Developers give these codes out often for promotional purposes.

Read on for a list of CD key codes, how to use them, and how to find more of them in Magic Revenge: Raid Legends!

In order to redeem these codes, you have to get all the way through the tutorial first. After you do that, go to the main screen, and then go to the events tab.

Once you are in there, scroll all the way down in order to find the “cd key exchange“ button. A text box will pop up, where you can enter your code. Type it or copy and paste it, and then hit the “exchange“ button to claim your rewards for free.

The first place to begin looking for cd key codes is in the official social media pages for Magic Revenge: Raid Legends. Check their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, as these are the most obvious places to look for codes for the game.

Make sure to check all of their social media pages, not just one of them. The developers often post codes on One of their pages and not on the other one. So check in every social network, not just one. If you live in a country that has a specific social network, such as Russia or China, check those pages too.

The codes tend to be few and far between there, though, compared to the other post that they made, such as announcements, new characters, and more. The same thing is true no matter how far down you scroll through their past posts. So make sure to scroll far, and use other sources, too.

Check in the comments sections of any source that you find, too, or of any individual post that you come across. Oftentimes players will post the codes there, so if you missed them elsewhere, the comments can fill in the blanks.

Another great source of codes is the review section of the apps page on the App Store or on Google Play, which ever is your App Store of choice depending on your platform. Scroll up and down the reviews, read the newest reviews, and look around to see if any players have shared any codes. Also, be sure to share any code that you find that you don’t see in the reviews.

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One of the best alternate sources for redeem codes is video sites such as YouTube and Twitch, or anywhere that there are streamers. Video content creators are always using exclusive promo codes to draw in more viewers, so if you catch them doing that, then take advantage and redeem some of their codes.

Be sure to check the official Subreddit for Idle Heroes, which is very active and loaded with players, meaning that you have a high chance of finding posts by players. When codes pop up, they will likely be shared by other players. If you have a code that hasn’t been shared yet, be sure to share it as well.

Hit the Discord links for the game, then go to the search bar function and type in CDKeys, Redeem Codes, or just Codes, and see what comes up. This serves to filter out any post in the chat rooms that isn’t talking about codes or doesn’t contain the word.

You’re going to have to weed through a lot of post my players asking for codes, but get through them, and you will also find posts my players sharing codes of their own. Often you’ll find exclusive codes here that have not been shared anywhere else.

As follows, here are the cd key codes that are available for Magic Revenge: Raid Legends:






Be sure to keep checking this article, because as more codes get released, we will update them. Additionally, if you have a code that you don’t see here, then posted in the comments below, or you can simply go to the comment section and read what other players have posted in order to find new codes.