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Marvel Avengers Academy – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Marvel Avengers Academy is a new Marvel game by TinyCo where you run the academy and follow the lives of the young superheroes, and even supervillains, who attend the school. The school is a bare-bones campus when you get there, so your goal is to build it up into a large one loaded with classrooms, dorms and other buildings so that you can recruit more and more heroes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Marvel Avengers Academy!

Most of the progress in the game will come from tasks that are listed in the quest menu for you to do. The most time consuming quests should be saved for last, unless you are about to log off for the night, or go to work, or do something that will involve putting the game down for awhile. Then set the most time consuming tasks first.

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Check the board to see what quests you can accomplish. Most of them will earn you credits as a reward; however, occasionally, you will be able to earn free shards as well. The quests will earn you other items for free, such as Pym Particles, which allow you to clear out rocks that block new pieces of land that you just cleared the fog away from.

If you have a character who is doing nothing, and has no quests available to complete, then set them to do something anyways, so that you can earn more coins and experience points. Make it short term, because a quest might pop up for them sooner rather than later, unless you are about to get offline for awhile; then have them do something long term.

Tap and hold on a building to activate moving mode. Move buildings whenever you need to make room for new stuff. You’ll eventually be able to move and delete roads as well, so if you really want to pack everything together and don’t care how it all looks, get rid of the roads and you’ll be surprised at how much room you have.

When there is a short enough time left on a specific action, you will be able to finish it for free. Wait until there is five minutes or less on a job, and then tap to speed up whatever the character is doing. Anything more than that and you will have to spend shards in order to speed up the task.