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Mino Monsters 2: Evolution – How to level up and evolve your Minos

Mino Monsters 2: Evolution is the closest thing to a good traditional Pokémon game that exists on the iOS and Android platforms right now (well, aside from its predecessor, that is). You have many ways of upgrading your Minos in this game, with the two main ways being, of course, to level up and evolve your monsters. Read on for a guide on how to level up and evolve your monsters in Mino Monsters 2: Evolution!

Leveling up your monsters requires you to spend coins. First, go to the team menu. Once you are there, the first thing that you should see will be the option to level them up in exchange for spending coins. Hit the button once, or hit it until you run out of coins. Each level up will improve the attack and health of your Mino.

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If you run out of coins but are still stuck on a battle, go back to an old level and grind it for some more coins. Save up the coins and then when you have enough, start leveling up your Minos. Rarer Minos take slightly more coins to level than more common Minos do.

Each Mino will be able to evolve twice, generally speaking, although some more powerful ones will have less evolutions than that. First, you have to get your Mino up to level 25. Then give them the right type of berries to evolve them. Evolve them again in the same way after they hit level 50.

To find out how to get the type of berry that you need, go to the evolution screen. You’ll see the type of berry that you need for that specific type of Mino. Then tap on the berry, and a list of locations will pop up. Usually, this will consist of a number of chests, as well as various island locations. Go get the berries and then come back and execute the evolution.

Hit the events and the PvP arena as these often will offer berries (and a ton of coins) as prizes. Or just start buying gems or chests and get evolved forms of various Minos immediately without having to go through the leveling up and evolution process!