MLB Ballpark Empire (iOS): How to get more Fandom and Tickets

By | 20130814

MLB Ballpark Empire puts you in charge of building your favorite ballpark, or building some crazy mishmash of ballparks depending on what your style and taste is. You can even play games against other teams inside and outside of your ballpark. To play regular season games, you need to be at least level 5, and to gain experience levels you need fandom. Tickets are the game’s form of “energy”, and you need the “energy” in order to play games, be they regular season or exhibition. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

Earning fandom is mostly done by playing ballgames, whether they’re exhibition games or ballgames, or playoff games once you finally get those. Each game that you play earns you fandom as a reward. To increase the amount of fandom that you earn, lower ticket prices so that more fans will buy tickets and come to the games. Also, maximize the amount of stands that you have as soon as possible so that you can attract the huge crowds.

Completing quests will also earn you fandom. In addition, keep the concession stands refilled and upgraded to the highest degree that you can as they will earn you more fandom fairly rapidly if you tap the fans quickly enough whenever they request concessions. Zoom out on the screen in order to make this easier.

To get more tickets, before you connect the game to Facebook, you can set the time ahead on your phone or other device in order to refill tickets instantly. When you go back to the game, you’ll have all of your tickets refilled instantly.

However, after you connect to Facebook, this will no longer work due to server errors caused by the disparity in time, because the Facebook version will then anchor your account. When this happens, you can either disconnect from Facebook (which will start a new game for you), or you can simply buy more tickets or wait for them to come back. Or, if you gain a level, you will regain all of your tickets quickly.