Monsu – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Monsu is a new endless runner game for the iOS and Android platforms, with a nice little hint of collectible trading card gameplay in there to keep it interesting. You play as a green monster (shut it, Boston fans) named Monsu (not to be confused with “Monsoon, dudes!” You’re welcome, Surf Ninjas fans.) and your goal is simply to run as far as possible and collect coins, complete missions and load up on cards. Read on for some tips and tricks for Monsu!

You have five hearts to begin the game, and when the hearts run out, you have to wait for them to come back, about 15 minutes apiece. A quicker way to get your hearts back right away, though (since who wants to deal with an energy limit in an endless running game) is to set the time ahead on your phone or tablet to get all of your energy back (or as much energy as you want at the time).

The best part is, after you do this you can set the time back to normal in the game and still keep all of your bonus lives. Before you do so, though, you will still have to go back to the game to see the new lives/hearts that you just got for free.

You’ll have a huge variety of cards, for an equally huge variety of missions, so take the cards with you that make the most sense in relation to the current mission. Otherwise, generally it’s best to take the ones which will earn you the most gold, or which will save your butt when you die so that you can run longer distances, thus earning even more gold.

Diamonds can be earned for free on rare occasions such as on bonus missions, or from the bonuses that you get over certain periods of time. Save up your diamonds to get the rare and the epic card packs. Gold is used to get the standard card packs, and even with those packs you have a good chance of getting a rare or an epic card, with some luck.

The best way of getting free diamonds, though, is to complete the various achievements which will earn you such bonuses. Go to the icon that looks like a trophy and tap it, and any achievement that has already been completed will have diamonds available for you to collect.