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Naval Domination (Naval Age) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Naval Domination is its iOS name, and Naval Age is its Android name, but these two names belong to the same game. Naval Domination puts you in charge of an island country that’s hell-bent on getting rich, winning battles against other navies, and dominating the seas. You can mint all manner of resources from gold to iron, oil, silicon and even uranium, as well as load up on ships and raid pirates, enemy countries and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Naval Domination/Age!

It can be a bit annoying to scroll around your island and your port and manually upgrade everything, but there is a far easier and faster way to do it. Tap on your resources list and tab over to facilities, and you’ll see everything that you have built so far. Hit the hammer button to instantly begin upgrading a facility. Or if you have 125 gems, you can purchase an auto-upgrader for 8 hours. You can turn it off anytime you want to start a new building.

Follow the main missions in order to upgrade your base optimally, and the daily missions for even greater rewards. Leave the rewards alone until you absolutely need the resources contained within though. Resources that have been claimed can be stolen by other players, but rewards that have not yet been claimed are completely safe. Early on, though, claim the rewards so that you can increase your player level and unlock new buildings quickly.

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If you want to go back to an old level in the PvE, you don’t have to watch the whole battle all over again. If you have wipe out tickets, go to a stage that you have gotten three stars on already and wipe it out for instant prizes. You can do this for as long as you have tickets; otherwise, tickets can be won or bought.

While there is definitely strategy to how you arrange your ships, the main name of the game is numbers. The more ships you have, the stronger your navy will be. Always have ships in training, especially after a huge resource win, so that you don’t just have resources laying around waiting to get stolen. Use research in the science lab to maximize the effectiveness of your ships, as well as your production.

When scouting around for players to attack, your best bets are always old players who have now ditched the game. You can tell who they are because their islands will continually produce resources, but they will never have any ships defending them. Attack and raid these islands over and over for some easy resource pickings. There won’t be many now because the game is so new but as it ages, more of these will appear. There will also be more abandoned bases on older servers rather than newer ones.