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NFL Rivals – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

NFL Rivals is a new mobile football game for the iOS and Android platforms. You can play as your favorite team, build your team by adding new players, and play a season worth of games against your opponents, calling and executing plays the entire time. You can earn coins, James, gold, and use all sorts of conditioning points in order to upgrade and train your players.

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Read on for a collection of tips and cheats for NFL Rivals!

Calling the plays is one of the most important elements to success here, while the actual execution of the plays is the most important element of that. You can choose between a running play, a short passing play, and a long passing play during each offenses down. Be sure to change up the place in order to surprise the defense, but also be sure to pay attention to how your receivers and linemen are mapped out for that play.

For both the short pass and the long pass please, you do not necessarily have to perform the suggested pass length. You can easily wait a little bit longer on the short passes and turn them into long passes, or throw to your receiver quickly on a long passing play and turn it into a short pass. it all depends on what the defense is doing.

For the running plays, it’s extra important to pay attention to what your linemen and the defensive linemen are doing, because you need to find a hole in the line of scrimmage if you want to make any sort of real gain in yards. If you can’t find a hole, then you will get quickly knocked out by the defenders, but if you can find a hole and run through it, then you might be able to score a touchdown or a significant number of yards.

You have a list of skills during each game that includes sprinting, juking, and a number of others. Be sure to use these skills liberally and put them to use for your advantage. Sprinting can allow you to outrun fast defenders, although you can only do it for a short amount of time. Juking can allow you to sidestep a defender who is approaching closely behind you, which can allow you to gain a minimum of 10 more yards on a play.

Most of the positions on your team start off being filled by replacement level players with a player score of 50, but as you make your way through the game and unlock more decks, you will find players with real names in higher scores. If your goal is simply to have the most powerful team possible, then always be sure to hit the “best team” button in order to automatically load the players with the best scores. Do this for your office, your defense, and your special teams.

Coins, gems, and gold are the three main forms of currency, and each one has its own rarity level. Gems are the rarest of the currencies, and can allow you to unlock the most powerful players. The main way to get more gems is to purchase them, but you can also complete achievements and unlock prizes in order to earn free gems.

Unlocking new players isn’t the only way to power up your team. Be sure to also invest in upgrading the players that you already have. The higher the points of your player to begin with, the more that you should prioritize upgrading them, because rare players with high starting point values are very difficult to replace, while players with low starting point values are easier to replace.


Thursday 11th of January 2024

“Coin, gem, and gold are the 3 main currencies” but only tell us about the gems 😒


Thursday 11th of January 2024

And literally no explanation of coin usage???!!