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Paper Wings by Fil Games – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Paper Wings is a new endless flying game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to keep your bird in the air for as long as possible in order to earn the highest score by collecting the falling off. If one of the balls falls down to the bottom, your round is over. You can unlock all kinds of new birds as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Paper Wings!

The control method in this game is unique, and quite different from other endless games of this type. The direction that you move your finger is the direction that your bird will turn. It is usually easier to flip your bird upside down in order to get your bird to change direction. Make it do half of a backflip and when it is going the other direction, it will flip itself back right side up. If you flip your bird forward to change direction, it will drop significantly, which can lead to a danger of falling off of the level.

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You can unlock loads of new birds in this game which are based off of real species of birds. Some of them can be unlocked by spending coins. Others can be unlocked through various alternatives methods, such as sharing on social media. Some can even be unlocked by watching a number of advertisement video clips, like the eagle, which can be unlocked my watching nine videos.

In addition to earning coins in the levels themselves, there are plenty of ways to earn bonus coins. You can watch a video to double your point earnings, or you can go to the store and watch videos to earn coins directly. Doing free offers and sharing on social media are other ways to earn more coins. Rack up points to load up on bonus birds.

Additional game modes can be unlocked by scoring high enough in the main single player around. That timed round will give you one minute to score as many points as possible, regardless of whether balls fall or not. The water will catch them. Hazard mode is a more difficult game mode similar to the primary single player around. Here, you can get killed by strikes of lightning and by bombs that fall, which look like red balls.

A multiplayer mode is scheduled to be added to the game at a later date, where you compete against other players for the highest score. Right now, this mode has not yet been added to the game, but expected with an update in the near future. If you are reading this sometime after this article has been posted, the multiplayer mode will probably already be in the game.