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PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 3

Streaming lasts for up to an hour at a time, initially, so once you have streaming unlocked, check back every hour or os, then collect your bonus and begin streaming again by logging back off. However, once you have 5,000 subs you will be able to unlock Stream Longer, which adds 30 minutes to your streaming limit.

Most of the other upgrades that are subscriber-unlockable can be summed up as “lengthens the time that it takes to make the video, but earns you more subscribers and views in the process”. In other words, you have to play less often, which is especially good when you were further along in the game and it takes forever to buy a new item from the shop.

While each brand new item is in the “lock” submenu, go to the other ones to find different items. Lower-level, cheaper items which take a shorter time to deliver might not be that great for your overall level, but they are excellent for increasing the level of a specific genre cheaply and quickly.

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Tap on the profile picture of your character and you will be able to see the levels of each of your genres, as well as the bonus that you’re earning for each level that you have gained. The initial level-ups will earn you view bonuses. Later on, at higher levels, you will also earn subscriber bonuses and time bonuses.

Tap on your profile picture a second time, once you are in the genre level menus, and you will be able to customize your tuber. Tap on a specific category such as eyes, shirt, skin, camera or monitor in order to customize that specific item. Each of these premium customizations costs bucks and doesn’t do anything for a practical purpose; they are more for customization.

If you want to expand your room for the least amount of Bux that you can possibly spend, alternate between expanding the width and the length. Each additional upgrade to the length or to the width costs extra Bux, but if you switch from length to width, or vice versa, the price will be the same as the first upgrade (or second, or whatever you were on originally).

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