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Plunder Pirates – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Plunder Pirates is a new Clashalike by Rovio Stars (yes, your not-so-humble author is now inventing new genre names. Clashalike. Remember it.) There is much out there to separate this one from the thousands of others, though, and that’s not even referencing the amazing graphics. Basically, Rovio has out Boom-Beached Boom Beach with this game. Read on for some tips and tricks for Plunder Pirates!

First priority is to maximize your resources, which involves upgrading your Grog and Gold Storages (and building new ones). Then to make your base produce more Gold and Grog, upgrade and build more of the Gold Mine or Grog Distillery, or attack other pirates and sailors and raid them and their islands.

Standard strategies that worked in Clash of Clans and other similar games, such as Star Wars: Commander, will also apply here. Start building up your base defenses right away, because getting constantly mauled by other players is extremely frustrating. Two simple solutions to this one: Max out your gun turrets (both their levels and their number) and your walls, then upgrade your Pirate Hall to unlock the ability to build even more of them.

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As you become more advanced you’ll want to split your base into either a farming base, a BP base or a hybrid. Farming bases will have their Grog and Gold buildings extremely well defended, with the Pirates Hall left out to allow quick Pirates Hall snipes by weaker players, which will throw you into shield mode, leaving you immune to attack til you attack again. BP bases will have the Pirates Hall extremely well defended, to prevent anyone from getting more than one star. Hybrid bases have both equally well defended.

Save up your gems – don’t just gem your pirates to speed them up, or your buildings. Your best use for gems is to load up on the builder’s huts, so that you can do more construction and upgrades at the same time and charge ahead of other players in base construction without having to spend any money. This is important because you’ll have a LOT of other unique buildings to unlock as you continue through the game and upgrade Pirates Halls.

Exploration is one thing that separates this from the other Clashalikes. You can explore new lands one square at a time and earn EP (exploration points) as well as loads of resources. Always check back to the islands you’ve explored previously, so that you can collect from them, and if you can’t go anywhere, then check to see if there’s another pirate that you need to work your way past in order to move forward. Then defeat them and you’ll be able to continue exploring.

In battle, you can earn up to three stars. One will be for doing 50 percent damage, the other will be for destroying the Pirate Hall, and the third and final one will be for doing 100 percent damage. The more BP, the tougher your PvP matchups will be, which is why dropping BP is often useful for farming. To drop BP, start attacking players with one pirate at a time to intentionally lose. Do this until your BP is where you want it to be. And avoid exploration fights if you are doing this, too.