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Pocket Champs: Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Pocket Champs is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where are you and a bunch of other ghost like characters run, swim, fly, and climb through various levels, in an attempt to win races. You can earn coins and gems, upgrade all four of your characters statistics, and unlike different pieces of equipment that can be used in races.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Pocket Champs!

One of the strange tricks about this game is that you are actually not playing against other players, but against computer-controlled bots designed to look like other players. To prove this, put your phone into airplane mode and turn off the Wi-Fi and play the game. You will still be able to do anything that you could do with an internet signal.

Not only that, but annoyingly, the bots never become more difficult to beat. They generally stay at power levels between eight and 10 stars, even when your power level is high and your stats are boosted epically. That means that the more upgraded that your character is, the less fun with the game becomes.

This changes once you unlock the tournament, which is unlocked after you reach 1800 trophies. The tournament pits you against actual other players, and it organizes players by how many trophies they have, so if you have more trophies, you are going to get matched up against tougher players, and if you have less trophies, then you are going to get matched up against easier players.

Obviously, you want to have as many trophies as possible in order to get the biggest rewards possible, but if you are having trouble in the tournament, then try intentionally losing by taking off your good equipment or all of your equipment, then running several losing races in order to drop your trophies. Enter the next tournament with less trophies, then put your equipment back on it so that you can have an easier time winning.

The upgrades, of course, come from upgrade packs, which are earned by winning races. You can earn upgrade packs if you place in the top three of a race. When you open it, your main reward will be the skill that the pack is named after, But there will be other rewards included as well, such as coins.

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When you get rare upgrade boxes, they will take a long time, but you can always shorten the time my watching advertisement videos. It only takes about 30 seconds to complete a video, and when it’s done, half an hour will be cut off the time that it takes to open the bag.

Another smart thing to do with the rare upgrade boxes is to set them to open overnight. That way, you can go to sleep, and then when you wake up, you will have a brand new batch of upgrades to open right away.

As you earn trophies and go through the game, you will unlock different pieces of equipment, which can boost one of your stats. Pick the piece of equipment that is the most useful for the next level that you’re going to play. This is typically determined by which type of landscape dominates the weather; flatland, water, vertical land, or no land at all.

You can go to the store area and purchase new pieces of equipment, stat boosts, and other goodies using your coins and gems. You can spend real life money if you want, but with the game currently being as easy as it is, there’s very little reason to do so.

Additionally, with all of the coins that you earn throughout the races that you run, you will be able to upgrade every piece of equipment that you get. Upgrades increase the levels and the statistics of your equipment, and in addition to coins, they also require you to have cards for those specific pieces of equipment which are unlocked by opening packs. Open as many packs as you can in order to earn different equipment and to earn more cards.

In addition to gold coins, you can also earn gems throughout your time playing the game. These will allow you to purchase rarer items in the store than the gold coins well, and you can earn free gems by watching advertisement videos as well. They can also be purchased using real life money, but you can collect plenty of them for free.

You can also purchase new skins for your character, which are called shapes, and unlock them randomly. These new skins do not affect the gameplay or boost any of your stats; they are simply cosmetic and a way to customize your character.

There is also a significant collection of rarer shapes that cannot be unlocked by purchasing. The only way that you can unlock these is either by opening tournament chests, by logging in every day and collecting rewards, or by completing various other game modes. there are also even rarer ones that can be unlocked only in Trophy Road or by participating in, and successfully finishing, various special events that come up every once in a while.


Saturday 11th of November 2023

je veux jouer en ligne


Thursday 27th of July 2023

Generally good advice. It looks like they played the game for about only 30 minutes before writing the review. They don't mention epic/legendary training bags, permanent boost for your skins collection, or how the "special rules" game mechanic changes which equipment you want to pick. As you get a higher number of stars the equipment boost influences your speed more than your at a lower speed, so you want to have enough money to upgrade the ones you use most, not just upgrade all of them.


Sunday 25th of September 2022

good article but not 100% true, having skins unlocks a permanent % of general speedboost